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Hi I'm Gemma Kelly

I love cold water swimming, the TV show Gladiators and an all-round health and fitness enthusiast.  I’ve been in the amazing world of women’s wellness for some years now, starting out as a certified Personal Trainer specialising in pre and post-natal exercise and menopause. I soon realised that helping other women prioritise their health was something I cared very deeply about so I later trained to become a certified Nutrition Coach and Breathwork Instructor. Having these skills enables me to help my clients become the very happiest, healthiest and ultimately the best versions of themselves wherever they are on their wellness journey and whatever their personal circumstances. 


My own wellness journey began several years ago when, despite considering myself happy and healthy, I was struggling with unexplained infertility and set out on a path to understand my body better. I’m now a mum of two and in 2020 my family and I upped sticks from London to the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside where we now live nestled amongst an oxygen-rich woodland on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley area with our dog, two cats and a clutch of chickens.


As a working mum and business owner who has lived the ‘rat-run’ London lifestyle and chosen to invest in work-life balance, I understand the challenges that many women face when it comes to living a healthy but sustainable lifestyle. I commit my time to helping my clients create and sustain healthy habits whether that's with regular exercise, nourishing food or taking time to just… breathe.


I work with women of all ages, body and personality types and physical and mental health levels. Through my fitness and nutrition programmes, classes and wellness workshops I’ve helped hundreds of women reconnect with themselves and find that happy balance in their lives. I’d love to help you too, so why not drop me a message online or by email or book in a discovery call with me so I can help you make a plan and take the first step to the best version of you.


Love Gemma x

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