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Fit in 20


The four-week at home fitness programme that is your ticket to a consistent exercise routine, no matter how busy life gets!

A ready-to-go four-week programme you can do from home to help you build consistency with a regular achievable exercise routine.


I often I was hearing clients say, ‘I’d love to do some exercise but I can't seem to find the time’, so I designed ‘Fit in 20’ to help busy women fit their exercise into their lives in a manageable way.


Is 20 minutes enough?


YES!! Any amount of exercise is better than none and you’ll be surprised how few workouts to skip, how fun they are and most importantly how fantastic you’ll feel after just four weeks.

What's Included?

Guided at Home Workouts

Access to 100's of Healthy Recioes

Community Support & Chat Group

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gemma_kelly_fitness_app copy3.png

This Programme Includes:

  • Four weeks of pre-programmed 20-minute workouts - max 5 per week

  • Access to my Gemma Kelly Fitness App

  • Daily motivational messages and health and fitness tips

  • Access to the 20 Minute Club community chat group

  • Access to all my recipes to give you some new ideas for healthy meals 

  • Track your body stats in one convenient place

  • Track before and after photos to see your progress unfold

What people say about Fit in 20

“I’m loving the 20-minute sessions, so easy to fit in” 


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