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The Studio

Your journey to strength, health and confidence begins here!

Welcome to The Studio, a dedicated Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching space for women.
Situated in the picturesque South Gloucestershire, just 5 minutes from Chepstow, The Studio is a fully equipped personal training gym offering a warm, supportive, and inviting atmosphere. Located at Hanley Business Centre, next to the award winning Organic Hanley Farm Shop, our private, by-appointment-only space ensures you receive the personalised attention you deserve. With a focus on creating lasting health and wellness transformations. 
The Studio is the perfect place for every woman to embark on her fitness journey in a professional and trusted environment.
Personalised training tailored to you:

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just beginning your wellness journey, my personalised training programmes are designed to meet you where you are. As a certified Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer, I bring skill and knowledge in crafting workouts that challenge and inspire, promoting both physical and mental well-being.


Specialised pre and postnatal exercise:

For mums-to-be and new mums, my expertise in pre and postnatal exercise ensures a safe and nurturing fitness experience to see you through these exciting and significant emotional and physical milestones. Together, we'll navigate the unique journey of motherhood, focusing on strengthening and listening to your body through each stage.

Unlock Your Inner Strength

Strength training is a passion of mine, but it isn’t just about improving muscular function, it’s about unlocking your inner potency as a woman. I love nothing more than helping women discover their true power and resilience throughout their lives from adolescence through to menopause. From strength training to functional movements, I help you build a body that not only looks strong but feels strong.


How to Get Started?

The very first step to working with me is a consultation session. This is a very relaxed friendly chat, usually over the phone or Zoom and from this, I can build a clear picture of what kind of programme I need to create for you. I’ll discuss your lifestyle, relationship with exercise to date, any history of injuries etc. and of course your future aspirations and goals. 

Personal training sessions can take place either face-to-face or over Zoom depending on where you’re based. I have a small but well-equipped studio gym at home on the edge of the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley which I love welcoming my clients to.

Personal Training Packages

All our packages are designed to provide continuous support and motivation, helping you to see results and feel amazing.

Click below to recieve an email with The Studios full pricing list

Here are some of our most popular programmes

Stronger You

For those committed to a transformative journey of strength building. We will focus on building functional strength and fitness, with a side of confidence and self esteem boosting


30 Sessions

- Includes a complimentary nutrition consultation

- 2 sessions per week

- Priority booking 

- Valid for 6 months

Summer Fun
6 Week Body Blitz

I am all about sustainable fitness and weight loss, however... sometimes we need change to happen a little faster, whether you have an up and coming holiday to feel confident for or a big event. My 6 week Body Blitz is not for anyone who isn't fully committed or determined and you must be willing to train at least 4 times per week and make some changes to your nutrition


Need Some Additional Guidance with Your Nutrition?

Perhaps you have great intentions but struggle to stay on track? I know that any transformational fitness plan works best when we’re also nourishing our bodies from within, so why not compliment your training with me and book in some extra nutrition coaching sessions.

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