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Nutrition Coaching

Need some additional guidance with your nutrition? Perhaps you have great intentions but struggle to stay on track? I know that any transformational fitness plan works best when we’re also nourishing our bodies from within, so why not compliment your training with me and book in some extra nutrition coaching sessions.
The Healthy Habits Package - £250
Time Frame: 2 -3 Months

This package is a great option for anyone looking to establish healthy habits and gain a better understanding of how to fuel your body to reach the happiest and best version of yourself. It includes three sessions (a one hour consultation plus two 45 minute follow ups) to get an expert review, feedback and support on your diet. We’ll discuss your lifestyle, past and present, eating habits and relationship with food and your goals whether that be:

  • Weight loss

  • Weight gain

  • Healthy eating as an individual

  • Healthy eating as a family

  • Optimising athletic or strength performance 

  • Special diets including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance, food allergies

  • Behaviour change / health habit consistency

Heathy Habits Package
The Happy Weight Loss Package - £400
Time Frame - 6 Months

Many people benefit hugely from nutrition coaches to help with weight loss, weight gain or body composition goals. With the Happy Weight Loss Package I review your specific goals, needs, food preferences and current health status. It includes five sessions (a one hour consultation plus four 45 minute follow ups), to get an expert review, support and guidance.


Some examples of areas covered 

  • Body confidence

  • Feelings of food guilt and shame

  • Review of past relationship with food and discussion of potential blocks

  • Guidance on portion control

  • Support with meal planning and preparation

  • Education on macronutrient distribution

  • Stress and emotional eating

  • Exercise recommendations (excludes a plan - see the ElevateHER programme for an integrated fitness and nutrition programme

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Happy Weight Loss Package
Need more than three sessions?

If by the end of your package, you feel you need more time and would like to continue working with me, you can add on some additional sessions for continued support:

1 single (£100) 45-minute follow up session (£100/session)
3 sessions (£225): 3 x 45 minute follow up sessions (£75/session)
5 sessions (£350): 5 x 45 minute follow up session (£70/session)



Looking to overhaul your life in terms of nutrition, fitness and stress? Check out my signature programme ElevateHER to find out more.

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