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On Demand Fitness

Monthly Membership
£9.99 a month


Need some exercise inspiration?

Do you make time to exercise only to stand there wondering what on earth to do? My On-Demand Fitness offers inspiration and motivation to keep at your goals and reach them.


Membership gives you exclusive access to my Gemma Kelly Fitness app and a bank of over 50 different workouts and programmes to choose from so that exercising feels fresh and rejuvenating and not another chore. All these workouts are carefully designed with real life and real people in mind and there’s something for everyone whatever your age and fitness level.

Workouts are conveniently grouped so it's now even easier to choose for time or fitness level.

You also get access to the meal tracker to understand more about your macronutrient intake AND you get access to all my healthy and delicious recipes.

What's Included?

Over 50 Workouts

100's of Recipe Ideas

Community support group

gemma_kelly_fitness_app copy.png
gemma_kelly_fitness_app copy2.png

You also get access to:

  • Meal tracker enabling you to log calories and track macros

  • All my recipes to give you some new ideas for healthy meals 

  • Sleep tracker 

  • Breathwork videos

  • Educational videos & podcasts on women’s health topics

  • Bodystat tracker

  • Progress photo tracker 

  • In-app Community Chat group

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