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Here is my quick 5 POINT guide to behaviour change:

To not change is a decision. Now there is a statement. If you want to change something about yourself, your life, your health. Whatever it is, if you are not at least trying to make it happen... that is a choice.

That doesn't mean change is easy, in fact lifestyle changes are NOT EASY. But if you don't at least try, nothing will change.

Here are 5 things you can do to help yourself implement behaviour change:


If you find yourself saying things to yourself like:

‘I’m just to wait until such and such time to get into fitness’

‘I just want to wait until work is a bit quieter'

‘I’m just going to wait until I can afford a gym membership’.

… if you have ever said these things to yourself, your inner voice and logical brain is telling you - you want to exercise. Don't wait. Just do it.


There is a difference between commanding yourself to change vs committing to change. If you command yourself, it's harder to stay motivated. When you commit to yourself and your goals, change becomes much easier.


Slow change lasts longer and every 1% change you make has an impact and adds another stone to the mountain. Celebrate each small change, be patient and enjoy the process.


Share your intentions and successes with friends and family. Sharing your ideas and changes can result in positive reinforcement and feedback. My private Facebook group IN MOTION helps you set intentions in a safe place.


Seek to understand what motivates you, what makes you feel good about yourself so you can support yourself with the scaffolding for success. Also learn what's stopped you achieving your goals in the past and find a way through it

If you want it NOW IS THE TIME remember that you are worth the effort and don't forget to ENJOY the journey

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