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Money Hack - Getting fit doesn't need to break the bank

There are many different excuses to not get fit.... but "I can't afford it doesn't have to be one". Fitness is affordable for all and here are some MONEY SAVING HACKS to help you on your way

1. Exercise at home

Invest in some kit of your own, if you are short on space things like power bands, suspension trainers and dumbbells don't take up soo much space and can be packed away into the smallest corner. There are some really innovative storage systems for home gym equipment now that fit into the smallest of spaces such as this Jordan Storage Weights Bench - this clever bench system doubles up as storage for all your kit

I'm always telling clients "we keep a toothbrush in the bathroom to take care of our teeth daily, why shouldn't we all have our own gym equipment to look after our muscles"? If you are unsure of what workouts to do hit up YouTube for some inspiration or you can subscribe to my On Demand Membership for just £25 per month for a whole stack of workouts to choose from, some of which are body weight workouts meaning you don't even need any equipment!

2. Buy Multifunctional kit

All busy women love efficiency, so apply this to your kit. There is some really innovative kit on the market such as adjustable dumbbells. But you can also get creative with the kit you already have, for example use dumbbells for your kettlebells swings or deadlifts, avoiding the need to buy ALL the kit.

3. Find pre-used equipment

I popped down to Monmouthshire Upcycle in Chepstow recently and found TONNES of exercise equipment, a lot of it in great condition. You can also find great second hand buys on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and the other day I even found a pull up bar on Vinted. It's also worth trying Vinted for great new-without tags workouts clothes, I've picked up some great brands such as lululemon, Gym Shark and Sweaty Betty for an absolute bargain.

4. Use your environment

The great outdoors costs nothing, going for a run or walk is free and if running isn't your thing, NHS Couch to 5km is a completely free running programme which can help you build up gently. You could also try parkrun which organises 3-5km runs in most local parks and areas which is a great way to join a community to help make it fun.

5. Find an Online Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer isn't just for the elite anymore thanks to the power of 'Online' you can get access to personal coaching without having to fork out thousands. My 6 Week Shape and Shed Programme is a group programme, you get 6 weeks of coaching and support (5 workouts per week), a personalised nutrition plan and a live group coaching session each week for just £85 for the whole package

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