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One to One Training

Online Fitness

One to One Zoom Training

At the moment I am offering personal training online training via zoom, to book an online session with me please click below.

Online Fitness - Coming Soon
Pre & Post-Natal Fitness

Pre & Postnatal 

Are you pregnant and want to keep active but unsure of the safest way to exercise, or have you in the last year had your baby and keen to get your functionality and strength back?  I am specifically trained in adapting exercise for Antenatal and Postnatal clients and being a mum of two, I help my mum clients to embrace the positive benefits of exercise whilst, gradually rebuilding strength and boosting your body confidence. 

Being a mum or mum-to-be doesn't mean putting yourself last all the time, in fact, the more you look after yourself and your body the more energised and positive you will feel.

'Happy Mum, Happy Baby'


Being a working mum myself I know that exercise opportunities need to be flexible so my clients can fit them into their busy lives, which is why I offer a range of suitable options for my Pre & Postnatal Clients.  All my training programmes come with continued 1-2-1 support and advice from me.

Menopause Fitness

Pre & Postnatal 

Menopause can be a great time to start exercising, at a time in your life when you might have more time to yourself and the health of your muscles, bones and mind are going to benefit more than ever.  I use gradual strength training programmes to help my clients establish a strong functional foundation. As well as resistance exercises we incorporate conditioning into your sessions to improve your overall cardiovascular health, which will leave you with that wonderful feeling of fulfilment and that positive happy 'glow'.

One of the things my clients like the most is privacy. Gyms are great and there can be nothing like peer to peer motivation, or that feeling of community, however it's not always convenient to travel to your nearest and we understand that they can be a daunting space to anyone out of practice or not familiar with gym equipment - especially the weights section! Working with me means you can focus on your fitness without worrying about walking into a busy gym environment.

I always recommend that we start with two sessions per week for you to see results and I offer discounts for bulk buying packages to help make getting fit more affordable! For more information on sessions and packages simply click on the link below



How we fuel our bodies is a vital part of being fit and healthy – especially as women. Many of my clients come to me after years of trying various diets and exercise programmes because nothing seems to work, at least long term, and they feel overwhelmingly frustrated.  I have created two package options to both support and educate women on how to best fuel their bodies for whatever it is they are trying to achieve, whether that be weight loss, building strength or managing hormonal or menopause symptoms. To find out more about each package and which one might be right for you, click on the tabs below:

Nutrition Review

Nutrition Review

My Nutrition Review package provides you with a full analysis of your current nutrition and tools you up with the knowledge you need to power and nourish your body as efficiently as possible. It is completely bespoke to your own physiology and when I say that I mean we will discuss and take in to consideration all areas of your life such as lifestyle, food choices, medical history, mental health, periods or menopause symptoms, sleep patterns and exercise. You will then be given your own tailored nutrition plan to learn what type of nutrition is best for you, some useful strategies on maintaining positive healthy habits (something that is particularly essential if your objective is weight loss).  This one stop package will most certainly enable you to go forth and live your best and healthiest life and you will learn crucial things about your body that you didn’t know before.

What is included:

  • A 30 minute phone consultation

  • 1 week food diary analysis

  • Your own tailored Nutritional plan

  • Recipe suggestions

  • A 30 minute follow up call

  • (Optional) Access for life to a Private Facebook Group for weight loss where you can connect with a community of other woman looking to lose weight, and receive recipe suggestions, mind hack tips and tricks etc

Price: £150

Nutrition Plan
Green Goodness

Six Week Intensive Nutrition Plan

Sometimes we all need a bit more help, life is busy and ever changing and that makes it hard to spend time thinking, let alone planning our nutrition. I call this an 'Intensive' Nutrition Plan because along with your Nutritional Review you will get 6 whole weeks of extra support from me and a 6 week meal plan tailored to you and your health goal. This plan is ideal if you have a short-term weight loss goal or if you just need extra support in maintaining a new healthy habit pattern.

​What is included:


  • A 1 hour phone consultation

  • Your own tailored Nutritional Plan

  • Weekly meal plans tailored to your plan fora 6 week period

  • Email / Whatsapp support (replies within 24 hours)

  • Weekly food diary analysis and feedback

  • Weekly 30 minute support phone call

  • A 30 minute fitness consultation

  • Access for life to a Private Facebook Group for weight loss where you can connect with a community of other woman looking to lose weight, and receive recipe suggestions, mind hack tips and trick etc (Optional)

Price: £500

Image by Kaylee Garrett


We live in the Forest of Dean, a playground for outdoorsy active individuals and are lucky enough to own a beautiful little holiday cottage in this peaceful setting. If you are looking for a holiday that delivers on adventure, fitness whilst at the same time reconnecting and re-grounding yourself in the restorative elements of nature, then get in touch. 

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